Measure & Scale

A website consulting service.


Measure & Scale is a hands-on, data-driven website consulting service run by me - Tess. I help small, independent businesses optimise their online presence.


Right now businesses need to adapt quickly to changing consumer trends as more and more services and sales move online. I know small, independent businesses often do not have the time or specialist skills inhouse to maintain and improve their website. That's where I can help by bringing my 12+ years of experience in website and digital marketing to make your site function better, look smarter and provide insights into your customer's behaviour online. 

I provide bespoke services to help you improve your website, from writing and organising content, to demystifying data analytics and search rankings. My goal is to leave you equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to manage a successful website.

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My services

Content creation

I can create and commission content, ensuring the tone and the style fits within your brand's persona. Digital content needs to be curated thoughtfully, with an understanding of what is ephemeral and what is evergreen. Content also needs to be mindful of search (SEO), user experience (UX) and accessibility so users can find it and consume it.

Digital strategy

Digital strategies go beyond websites to incorporate email marketing, social media, advertising and search. There are so many channels available, so sometimes it's about selecting the best fits and working out which messages go where. Strategy work can be broad planning or project-based.

Site architecture

I have a masters in information science which makes me uniquely skilled at organising information online. How your site is organised, and how you connect relevant content is so important for providing a positive experience to any visitors to your site.


Digital content is unique because you can measure every aspect of it. But what do those measurements mean? And how can you translate them into conversions or sales? I can help you set up or reconfigure how you track users across all of your online properties so that you can see what is working, and what isn't.


Who I have worked with


University of London

General Electrics

Maggie's Centres


University of West London